START conducts risk assessment

Making the world a safer place in which to live and protecting people from harm are certainly two of the responsibilities professionals like Mingo Junction’s Frank Hoagland hold themselves up to – especially as they make a transition from life in the active military service to that of retired personnel.

Frank Hoagland is a Retired U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. (disabled). His rank at the time he retired was that of Senior Chief. His unique skills and resources have of late come to the forefront on a local, regional and statewide basis, thanks to his willingness to develop risk assessments and offer achievable levels of resolution unique to a certain school district or building.

His focus at the outset of this initial venture is working with the Buckeye Local School District .

It is an effort getting attention from various entities nationwide, as professionals with these advanced and proven skills are increasingly connecting with everyday aspects of life in the civilian communities. They are realizing there is more that can be done to increase a personal sense of confidence and improve the quality of reactions should a sudden threat emerge in an environment as confining as are most school buildings.

Hoagland’s business is headquartered in Mingo Junction: S.T.A.R.T. LLC Special Tactics and Rescue Training. Since opening in 2005, the business has developed a wide variety of specialized services and training capabilities, and expect to offer an event that will center on his ability to bring several professionals from the United States Secret Service into the local venue to offer a focused program for educators.

Hoagland was recently notified his business application for designation as a Federally Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business was granted.

Hoagland’s efforts to promote the hiring of veterans and willingness to lead the way in developing and implementing unique products, such as the detailed effort with Buckeye Local School District to complete a highly detailed risk assessment and develop organic mitigation plans customized and able to be constantly evolving while still tailored to make the most of available resources and realistic capabilities.

Hoagland’s analytical capabilities, essential for such projects, not surprisingly often garner high praise from exceptionally elite levels of the nation’s military.

One such supporter, U.S. Army Col. Sean Ryan, now at Fort Bragg, took his belief in Hoagland’s initiative and skills to a level unprecedented in the eyes of Buckeye Local School District leaders. He did this by being an integral part – via live video – of a meeting with district principals and the superintendent’s staff recently to discuss details of the assessment process and what might be aspects of the mitigation information to be generated and applied to each building’s individual environment.

Col. Ryan believes the analytical viewpoint and expertise that can be delivered to the district or any similar client by Hoagland and his team will be invaluable in the face of intensifying aspects of daily life within our nation’s educational communities.

Col. Ryan strongly believes there is a very real and increasing need for products such as is the one which Hoagland and his team are developing for Buckeye Local.

Hoagland owns and spearheads projects for a highly diverse roster of clientele that are literally worldwide in scope.

Hoagland is well known for maintaining a high level of professionalism, having first-hand knowledge of available and attainable resources specific to an individual client, such as the local school district, and for successfully meeting agreed to goals for any project.

Details of the upcoming opportunity for local educators to have personal access to the workshop being centered on bringing several U.S. Secret Service experts to Hoagland’s business site in Mingo Junction are not yet available, but will be shared at a later date.

Hoagland will be providing Buckeye Local School District Board of Education members with details of the progress made on the assessment to date. The board meeting will be held Monday at 6 p.m. in the auditorium at Buckeye Elementary School in Tiltonsville.