Teacher in-service proves successful

BRIDGEPORT – From all indications at Wednesday night’s Bridgeport Exempted Village School District Board of Education meeting, the recent county-wide in-service program was a huge success.

On Aug. 19, Bridgeport hosted teachers from all over Belmont County to its campus near Wolfhurst. More than 800 teachers took part.

“The entire staff, from the administrators to the teachers to the technology people to the maintenance department, did an outstanding job,” Superintendent Ted Downing praised. “We had to tear the building down after 800 or so people were in (our building), and then get ready for volleyball practice in the morning and open house that night.

“These people (high school principal Rob Zitzelsberger, middle school principal Anne Haverty and elementary school principal Kameron Sabinski) were trying to get their own buildings ready and were working on the project,” he continued. “The staff spent a lot of time because the teachers and administrators and technology people spent a lot of time prior to the event in the planning stages.”

Sabinski echoed Downing’s thoughts.

“Everything I’ve heard has been positive, mostly about our building,” she told the five-panel board. “It was extremely nice to hear all the nice comments about how nice and clean our building was and how the other teachers couldn’t believe we could meet the needs technology-wise to put the program on.”

Technology Coordinator Lisa Clark explained that, as the host, Bridgeport had the most presenters with nine. She said several others worked in collaboration sessions.

“It was nice,” Clark said. “Everything went real smooth.”

Board members Jerry Moore and Roger Stewart also commended those who worked so hard on the project.

“It was a sight to see,” Moore said. “It was truly the (Bridgeport) district’s shining moment. Job well done.”

Stewart added, “Everything flowed beautifully. It was well-organized. Thank you for your efforts.”

The featured speaker for the day was Hall Davidson, who joined the Discovery Education in 2005 where he blogs, creates webinars, and works in educational partnerships and Global Learning Initiatives as a director of the Discovery Educator Network. He has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world.

This marked the second year in a row that Bridgeport has hosted the event. Last year in was a half-day program. This year they extended it to a full day.