Bellaire eyes distribution coordinator

BELLAIRE Bellaire is in need of a distribution coordinator who will handle coordinating wastewater collection within the village.

It’s a position mandated to be filled by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency as part of its stormwater management plan.

This position must be filled by Dec. 14 or the village could face fines.

Filling the position, however, has been difficult thus far.

Village Administrator Dan Marling noted that he’s had a run of classifieds hit both The Times Leader, along with being listed by the Ohio Municipal League without any applicants.

The original add stipulated a Class II license was preferred, but that a Class I would be accepted. Later, he discovered that a Class II license was required, further complicating the issue.

“There are only four people in Belmont County with that license, and all four are currently employed,” Marling noted.

Marling met this week with Nick Hammer, an environmental specialist with the Ohio EPA, about the situation. Given the circumstances, Hammer is going to return to Columbus and see what can be done about assisting in the situation as Bellaire isn’t the only community in Belmont County facing this issue.

Hammer also met with officials in Martins Ferry, Bridgeport and Brookside recently.

Marling also noted that there he will be meeting with officials from those towns, along with representatives from the Eastern Ohio Regional Wastewater Authority, about the possibility of coordinating some services in regard to the EPA mandate.

Village council gave Marling the approval to seek a loan that will enable him to purchase the used suction truck off the municipality of Burgettstown, Pa.

Marling had previously informed council of this truck during last month’s meeting after he explained Bellaire’s current truck was in need of major repairs to its engine that were extremely expensive and likely not worth paying for given the truck’s age and other assorted issues.

Marling received approval from council to accept two bids on old village equipment totaling $1,392. He also noted Burgettstown will give Bellaire $5,000 in trade on its old suction truck and $2,000 for its older street sweeper. Add in an anticipated near $1,500 he expects to receive for the village’s dump truck and Marling has nearly $10,000 to put toward the purchase of Burgettstown’s suction truck. That leaves around $65,104 as the purchase price for the vehicle.

Marling was given approval to seek a loan up to $80,000 toward this vehicle’s purchase, as the final figures aren’t worked out yet, given the sale of the village’s dump truck has not been finalized. It had received a bid on the dump truck that was turned down because the bid amount was deemed insufficient.

Police Chief Mike Kovalyk noted that he and Councilman Piatt met investigated an issue a Noble Street resident was having with parking. She utilizes handicapped parking and there isn’t an official handicapped spot within three blocks of her home, which is located across from Cashland. Because of Cashland’s steady car traffic at its business, the woman has a difficult time parking anywhere within the vicinity of her home. Kovalyk gave his approval to have a handicapped parking spot installed near her home, as well another close to Cashland.

“She understands that it is not her personal spot and anyone with a handicapped sticker can use it,” Kovalyk said, noting that it will be installed once the service department, which has been swamped the last week with work, is freed up to handle the work order.

Kovalyk also noted that thanks to investigative work by his department, the Stone Bridge in Bellaire has been barred from selling alcohol, effective from noon Thursday until Oct. 13 because of a violation.

Council approved granting a beer license to Bardwil’s Grocery Mart. The license is a class D1 license, which technically will enable Bardwil’s to sell via either carryout on for dine-in purposes. However, co-owner Amanda Doyle noted that Bardwil’s will only be utilizing the carryout aspect. The motion was approved 5-0.

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