Bridgeport bombing suspects located

A HOMEMADE explosive device was set off in Gould Park in Bridgeport on Monday afternoon and two men are now facing charges over the incident.

Bridgeport Police Chief Andy Klotz said he was on routine patrol around 2:30 p.m. on Monday when he noticed a vehicle pulling out of the park. Due to some vandalisms at the part, Klotz said he took note of the license plate. Shortly after, Klotz heard an explosion and located a device made from a 2×6 that included black powder, wood and glue. He said most of the items were taken off bottle rockets.

After locating the device, Klotz called a bomb squad from Columbus.?Squad members found three separate explosives contained inside the device. However, officials said only one detonated.

Klotz later located the vehicle which he saw pulling out of Gould Park. The chief found it in Bridgeport.?He said the two men being charged are Jerry and Justin West.

They face charges of manufacturing and use of an explosive device.