Bridgeport VFD seeks levy for equipment

BRIDGEPORT – The Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department is asking for a 1.5-mill, five-year levy this November.

The purpose of this levy is for the replacement of equipment for the fire department. The equipment that will be replaced includes fire trucks, hoses and ambulances. The department is asking for a levy to defray some of the cost of operating the department. Right now, the fire department is operating off of grants and donations.

“The village doesn’t have the money,” said Bridgeport Fire Chief Mark Subasic. “The village has not bought us equipment for years. We need the levy to upgrade equipment.”

Many local governments, such as Bridgeport, has had government funds, which has caused multiple cuts.

The equipment that fire department needs such as new hoses and nozzles varies in price. Depending on the size and the footage, a hose can run $150 to $325. Nozzles can go $300 to $1000.

“(This levy) is very crucial, we have a fire truck that is a 1981 that we would like to see if we can replace. The one ambulance that we have is a 1995 and the other ambulance is a 2001,” said Subasic. “The equipment is getting old. The fire equipment on them is the same age as the trucks, so some of the equipment on the one truck is 30 years old.”

The 1.5 mill level will help with the upgrades of both the trucks and the equipment. According to Subasic, if the levy does not pass, the department will have to make due with what they currently have and hopefully the equipment holds up.

“We are a volunteer fire department, we operate off of donations and fundraisers, so instead of getting some of this equipment replaced if the levy would pass, it might take a few years to raise enough money to buy some new hoses or nozzles.”

The passing of this levy would help the fire department maintain a level of service that the residents have come to expect and are use to.

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