Cadiz searches for EMS shortage?solution

CADIZ – The shortage of volunteers has meant the village EMS service in Cadiz is unable to respond to local calls, and the issue was updated during the Harrison County board of commissioners meeting Wednesday.

Doug Crabtree, president of Harrison County’s EMS Association, updated the board on the progress towards finding a solution.

The county supplies EMS vehicles and equipment to each of the ten qualifying fire departments, but the problem is not equipment it continues to be the lack of volunteers. The village of New Athens has been covering Cadiz, as well as Harrison Community Hospital’s paid service which, has also been handling the calls.

“It takes a lot of time and money to get certified, but we have classes starting in November,” Crabtree stated. “It takes 139 hours for your Basic EMT certification, and we have four from New Athens, four from Harrisville, two from Deersville, three from Tappan, four from Unionvale and one from Hopedale beginning classes in a few weeks.”

He added that four volunteers from Cadiz and six from Hopedale would begin their 40-hour certification classes for first responders certification on Nov. 6.

Cadiz and Hopedale EMS services are unable to respond currently because there are no EMTs. Crabtree added, “If an EMT is on scene, then a firefighter can drive the squad to a call, but in order to transport, we need one EMT and one first responder.”

“Unfortunately, we could not predict this shortage, and it takes time to train replacements, but we continue working towards a solution,” Crabtree said. He also notified the board that the monthly Firefighters Association meeting would be held tonight in Cadiz at 7 p.m. at the firehouse. The next county EMS meeting will be on Nov. 6 in Piedmont at 7 p.m.

Crabtree also brought two RUMAs before the board in his capacity as business service officer for the engineer. The commissioners approved agreement 70-13 with American Energy LLC for .35 mi. of CR 60 in Nottingham Township to access the Jones location. The commissioners explained that they had discussed the agreement with Ryan Dean of American Energy last week and would pass the resolution pending approval by the prosecutor’s office.

A second RUMA from American Energy was tabled at Dean’s request.

A second agreement with Hess Ohio Development LLC for use of use of Dennison Avenue, CR 11 between the village limits and US 250, was tabled for further review.

The commissioners also approved Resolution 25-13, an annual application renewal with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources allowing the county to utilize brine water from local wells to treat aggregate. “This allows our department to apply brine to our stock piles of ashes,” Crabtree added. “Which also saves the county on salt money for the roads.”

The board also authorized the engineer to act as the county representative for the application process for grants to fund the construction of the access road to the Utica East Ohio Midstream Harrison hub facility on Ohio 151, just northwest of Scio. Crabtree reported that the funds from the grant would offset costs to pave the road, which has not yet been officially designated as a public road.