Council addresses water deficit

MARTINS FERRY The city of Martins Ferry took a few steps toward getting its water department fund out of the red.

The ideas were generated in a recent meeting of council’s finance committee and it was that committee’s chairman, Councilman Robert Hunker, that proposed the plan.

“We needed to discuss the water issues and we’ve come up with a couple of suggestions to help get us out of the red,” Hunker said.

The first idea was to forgive the upcoming fourth quarter cost allocation payment from the water department fund to the general fund.

The city’s cost allocation plan enables the general fund to utilize charge backs from the city’s enterprise fund for services rendered.

That forgiveness would save the water department $14,017.25.

The next move in the plan was to pay back the water fund money it spent on the hydra-stop and dump truck.

The dump truck cost was $9,380 and the hydra-stop was $10,000 for 2013. The city would also forgive the last two months payments this year totaling $2,000.

Rita Randall, the city’s fiscal officer, then explained the proper procedure in order for the second part of Hunker’s plan to be viable.

Council would need to pass an ordinance, stating that it knew that these purchases were permanent improvement items. Because of that, the water fund could be paid back out of the permanent improvement fund. That would total $21,380 going back into water.

All together, $35,397.25 would be added to the water fund’s bottom line.

Hunker made the motion for both parts of his plan and each motion passed 7-0.

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