Fregiato hands out sentences

ST. CLAIRSVILLE Judge Frank Fregiato presided over numerous sentences during Tuesday’s session of Belmont County Common Pleas Court.

William Joseph Gibbons, 30, incarcarated, was sentenced on one count of burglary, a felony of the third degree occurring June 27, 2013. After noting his extensive record, Fregiato handed down the maximum sentence of 36 months in the penitentiary, followed by three years of community based controls. Gibbons will receive drug and alcohol rehabilitation counseling.

Shannalee Ann Kuri, 29, 1414 National Road, Wheeling, pleaded guilty to one count illegal conveyance of prohibited substances into a government facility, a felony of the third degree occurring Aug. 30, 2013. Sentence was set for Oct. 28. A pre-sentence investigation, EOCC and Crossroads evaluation were ordered.

Michael Douglas Hoskins, 28, 4396 Linsoln Ave., Shadyside, was terminated from drug court and sentenced to 48 months in the penitentiary with credit for time served. He was originally convicted of trafficking in drugs, a felony of the fifth degree, and burglary, a felony of the third degree, occurring Aug. 24, 2011. His restitution of $3,000 is being paid.

Cody C. McIntire, 29, 436 North Seventh St., Martins Ferry, was sentenced for one count passing a bad check, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Feb. 25, 2013. He was given a suspended sentence of 18 months in the penitentiary.

He will be subject to three years of community controls, including six months jail and six months EOCC. Restitution of $13,036 was ordered.

Tanner David Meek, 21, 63087 Toad Hollow Road, Bellaire, was sentenced after self-terminating from drug court. He had been convicted on one count theft and one count trafficking in drugs, both felonies of the fifth degree occurring Aug. 17, 2010. He was given a sentence of 12 months for each for a total of 24 months, with credit for 426 days served. Fregiato underlined the commitment required of participants in the drug court program.

“There’s consequences when you get thrown out of drug court,” he said.

Bernadette Angela Demetrovich, 59, 111 Broadview Drive, Cadiz, was sentenced to 18 months in the penitentiary for one count of theft, a felony of the fourth degree occurring in 2009. A restitution hearing will be held in one month.

Arthur Gene Harvey, 58, and Rita Lynn Walker, 42, both of 1043 Broadway St., Martins Ferry, saw their plea agreement deadline reset for Nov. 25 and their trial set for Dec. 3. They are charged with trafficking in drugs, a felony of the fourth degree occurring Oct. 10, 2011.

Michael Allen Wehr, 24, 239 Franklin St., Bellaire was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to one count of safecracking and one county breaking and entering. His pre-trial was set for Oct. 28, with plea agreement Nov. 12 and trial Nov. 21. Bond was set at $25,000.

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