Hornets exterminated at Martins Ferry home

MARTINS FERRY – An outpouring of support has led to the extermination of a hornet infestation in the home of cousins Anne Russell and Tina Bokanovich.

After discovering that a hive of yellow jackets had infested the paneling of the bedroom and the outside of the trailer in early September, they were unable to afford to have the pests exterminated and no help seemed available. Their only option had been to seal up the room.

On hearing the story, friends and neighbors responded with help and donations. In mid-September, Buckeye Pest Control disposed of the hornets at no charge to the cousins.

“We got the exterminator in and he got rid of them,” said Bokanovich. “We’re settling back in. It seems like they’re all gone. It’s a big relief.”

She added that the work was completed during a weekend, with a checkup on Monday.

“He came in and sprayed, then came back to see if they were all gone,” she said.

“We’d like to thank everybody who donated. We really appreciate it,” Bokanovich said, adding that the cost would have exceeded $100. “When we asked what we owed, he said it was taken care of.”

Greg Cornett of Buckeye Pest Control undertook the extermination Sept. 14.

“The process of taking care of it was very routine for us. We’ve had a lot worse,” he said. “We’ve done this in the past where we’ve volunteered our services. When we hear of those situations, this isn’t the first time we’ve volunteered to step in.”

He noted the insects’ entrance.

“The yellowjackets entered at roofline,” he said, adding that due to the pressure of nest, it had separated where paneling was nailed to the wall stud.

“They were thrilled. They were very thankful we were able to come down and help,” he said. “They were especially happy to get the bedroom back in use.”

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