Local dancers take the stage

MARTINS FERRY – The Dance Factory, located in Martins Ferry, will compete Saturday in The Cheer Dance Competition in Wheeling.

The competition dancers from The Dance Factory will go against the girls from the television show Dance Moms. The Dance Moms will be filming an episode during the competition to be aired on season four.

“They are extremely excited because they idolize those girls a lot,” said Jessica Ladanza – Trout, one of the owners of The Dance Factory. “Just to dance on the same stage as them, they are excited.”

The dancers are not the only ones who are excited to share the stage, as their parents are just as excited.

“Our parents are great too,” said Ladanza -Trout.

This will be the first time that The Dance Factory will participate in this competition. When they heard it was coming to Wheeling, they decided to register.

There will be 19 dancers participating in the competition. They will have 14 entries all together, which will include 10 solos, duets and trio and two group performances.

Ladanza -Trout along with Ashely Lazasz- Pietro have owned The Dance Factory for the last seven years and the competition dancers only dance one day a week.

The Dance Factory was open prior to them taking it over.

“It grows every year and we are very thankful for that,” said Ladanza – Trout.

According to Lazasz- Pietro, The Dance Factory takes kids from 18 months up to 18 years old and sometimes even older then that.

“Every year we have a lot of students enrolled and they come back every year,” said Lazasz- Pietro. “The hardest part is that the kids get nervous, but they are just so excited that they get to go and actually possibility see or meet these Dance Moms kids.

“They are a lot different then us, we don’t compete every weekend. Our kids are more like a family here,” said Lazasz- Pietro. “We have great supportive parents. They get involved and they get excited too.”

Along with Lazasz- Pietro and Ladanza – Trout, The Dance Factory also has Jamie Kovalski, Julie Bonds, who has done some of the choregraphy, Shawna Jones and Barb Iadanza.

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