Young St.C. writer publishes first book

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Audrey Brahler knew at age 11 that she wanted to be a writer, and at age 14 she is a published author. Her book is called Rascal!, and it was published this past summer. The title character is a trouble-making German Shepherd who runs away from home while his owner Benny searches for him. Rascal meets new friends along his journey, who teach him what it means to be a friend even in hard times. The book features third-person narration from Rascal’s point of view, with a few chapters devoted to Benny.

Audrey lives in St.Clairsville with her parents and sister, along with four dogs. She is in the eighth grade at St. Mary’s Central School, where she says everyone knows about her book and many of her classmates have purchased a copy. Audrey says that she started writing when she was in the third grade, because her class had an assignment to keep a journal. Audrey later picked up her story and finished it, and the result was Rascal!

Audrey says that nobody else in her family is a writer, and her parents are proud of her accomplishment. She says in the future she would like to write more books.

“I really love writing. I have tons of ideas”, Audrey said. She’s a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and the Inheritance series, which was also written by a teenage author (Christopher Paolini). Audrey says her plans for the future are unclear, but she would like to go to a local college like her older sister.

Anyone interested in buying Audrey Brahler’s book can find it on or go directly to the publisher’s website,

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