Halloween a treat for Ferry youth

MARTINS FERRY – For most trick or treaters, dressing up is the next best thing to getting free candy from the neighbors. On this day, most kids pick a scary costume or dress up like his or her favorite character.

Tyler Conaway, 5, of Martins Ferry, had a different idea when he picked this year’s Halloween costume. Conaway went as something he wants to be when he grows up – a cop. “Tyler loves police, firefighters and all that,” said his mother, Ashley Conaway.

Conaway’s costume prompted K-9 Unit officer Chad Kuhn and Ecko to stop and pose for a picture with the tiny officer. Much like the many other Martins Ferry police officers on trick or treat night, Kuhn was patrolling and making sure that the kids were safe.

Kuhn said he stopped Conaway because he was the only child dressed as a police officer on Halloween and wanted a picture with him. Kuhn also discovered that Conaway, when he grows up, wants to be a cop with a K-9 Unit.

“It was crazy, and we were just trying to cross the street. (Kuhn) comes by, stops his car and gets out,” said Ashley in reference to Kuhn stopping them on Halloween night during treat or treating. “I was proud of him, and I really appreciate Officer Kuhn doing that for him, and that just made his night … He really looks up to them.”

The picture became well- known when Ashley posted it on Facebook.

“It’s funny how this picture blew up,” said Kuhn. “This is something I have done a million times for kids, and I have one, I love kids. He was the only one that I saw dressed as a police officer and that type of dedication deserves a picture.”

Tyler said he wants to be a cop because they are brave, and he likes the K-9 unit because of the dog, Ecko.

“Tyler says he wants to be an officer because they are brave and are heroes,” said Ashley. “And he wants to be someone’s hero when he grows up.”

Since the picture has gone viral, it has received multiple likes and shares.

“I was just glad that there was one Halloweener out there who had some good taste and wanted to keep the future of law enforcement alive, so I had more fun than I think he had today. It was definitely worth coming down for,” said Kuhn. “(Tyler) is a good kid and I look forward to seeing him out on the streets eventually. Ecko enjoyed it, any kind of attention he gets is good attention, he makes my job easier … We hope to see more kids dressed up as officers next year.”