Harrison commissioners sign leases

CADIZ The Harrison County Commissioners signed a lucrative lease agreement with Ohio Gathering LLC at their Wednesday meeting. Agreement 80-13 is fifteen-year automatic renewing lease for which the Markwest associated company will pay $10,000 per month on the 21.857 acres. The agreement will net the county $1.8 million over the contract period.

Douglas Struble, director of Engineering for Midwest Terminals of Toledo and Jon Dunaske, Senior Landman for Markwest Energy Partners L.P., were in attendance representing the coalition. Explaining that the lease will facilitate expansion of their Cadiz facilities to include the property across from the joint vocational school and extending along SR 22 towards the old airport property.

The deal includes a swap with the county for a section of their garage facilities. In addition the company has purchased land from individuals and brokered a relocation of Lash Paving’s Cadiz asphalt plant which is located on the proposed site adjacent to the lightweight rail section known as the Cadiz Junction. The rail is owned by the Columbus & Ohio River Railroad Company (CUOH). The CUOH was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Inc. in 2008.

“This is an enhancement to our facilities we now have in place in Harrison County,” Dunaske explained his company has invested over $1 billion to date. “This will continue to fuel our growth and also add jobs for residents of the county.”

“There were a lot of different moving parts to this agreement and we appreciate the patience and willingness to negotiate by Markwest,” said commission chair Don Bethel thanking fellow commissioner Dale Norris and Engineer Rob Sterling for all of their hard work in brokering the deal. “We believe this is a positive for all parties involved.”

“We are ready to start immediately on construction,” added Dunaske. In addition to adding additional rail for the yard the plans for the facility also include the addition of structures for storage and to house handling facilities.

The board also passed Resolution 29-13 which states, “the county will no longer permit the use of hallways as workstations for private business.”

“The congestion, not only for people who work here, but for people who come in to pay their bills is both a safety hazard and a security concern,” Bethel explained. “While we appreciate the business from the oil and gas industry this has become an issue.”

“While we are expected as a courthouse to provide information and services to the public I am not convinced that this courthouse, which is the people’s house, is appropriate to be used as a function of a private business to do their work, In other words it is not our job to find them a desk and a chair so they can operate.”

“We have been overwhelmed, I totally agree,” said County Recorder Traci Boyer adding that the county is providing free electricity as well as free office space.

“We are not just throwing them out. There are local businesses now offering space as well as local restaurants that will welcome them,” Boyer explained. “I think it is time to move the county forward.”

Boyer told the board that business in her office continues to increase. The Recorder stated that her office could reach the $1 million mark for 2104. In contrast the total for 2005 was $89,000 and did not reach $100,000 until 2009. The current total for 2103 through October is $855,000.

The resolution will take effect Dec. 23.

In other business the county authorized payment for a piece of property in Piedmont. The location of the former feed mill, the county had agreed by prior contract to purchase the land to access their water well and treatment facilities and plans to add a second well and expand the treatment facilities.

Released agreement 61-13 which is a RUMA with Blue Ridge Pipeline after the county engineer singed off that the contract had been completed and fulfilled.

Passed resolution 31-13 and 32-13 authorizing the county engineer to act as agent for the Bicycle Tourism grants from the State of Ohio. T

31-13 will allow the county to seek grants from the Clean Ohio Trail funds through ODNR.

The U.S. Bicycle Route System is a developing national network of bicycle routes, which will serve as visible and well-planned trunk lines for connecting city, regional, and statewide cycling routes, offering transportation and tourism opportunities across the country.

he monies will facilitate the signage for US Bike Route 50 which will traverse Harrison County. The planned route will travel along SR22 from Guernsey County to the Industrial Park Road where it will turn onto Grant St. accessing Route 9 to Old 22 through the square in Cadiz to Hopedale where the route will again travel along SR 22 into Jefferson County.

T he board tabled a RUMA with Cardinal Gas for the Buxton gathering pipeline construction in Stock Twp. pending completion of the proper paperwork.

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