Powhatan council remembers ex-mayor

POWHATAN POINT – Prior to beginning Tuesday’s council meeting, Powhatan officials honored former Mayor Marvin Brown, who died Monday. Asking for a moment of silence for Brown, Mayor Mark McVey said, “He will be missed. He was good for the village of Powhatan.”

Brown served a two-year term in the mid-1980s.

Current President Pro-tem Sam Armann was commended for his service to the community as a village councilman. He will attend his final meetings next month.

“Sam has been president of council for four years,” said McVey. “I thank you, Sam, for all your help and what you’ve done ” He noted that Armann has served in the capacity of negotiating contracts, working with insurance companies, serving as mayor and handling mayor’s court in his absence.

“I’ve enjoyed working with him,” said McVey. “Thank you for your public service.”

As chairman for council’s insurance committee, Armann reported on negotiations in that area. He said the premiums offered by the Health Plan must now be negotiated with union employees.

Councilman Rob Caldwell, reporting for council’s sanitation committee, submitted a proposed extension of the contract with Shadyside Cartage Co. After reviewing the proposal, council voted unanimously to authorize Solicitor Charlie Bean to draft an ordinance with the rate increases for the next two years.

According to the proposal, monthly cartage rates will increase 25 cents per residence, beginning Feb. 1, 2014 with residential rates going from $15.80 to $16.05.

Effective Feb. 1, 2015, rates will increase another 25 cents with rates going from $16.05 to $16.30. Senior citizen customers within the village corporation limits will receive a discount provided they have a Golden Buckeye Card.

There is a clause to reopen and adjust the cartage contract to reflect average fuel costs exceeding $4 per gallon. If fuel costs drop below $3 per gallon, the village may reopen the contract for a reduction in rates.

In another matter, Caldwell questioned whether anything had been changed regarding the traffic light at the intersection of Ohio 7 and 148. “No changes,” answered the mayor.

The matter of [Christmas] gift cards for employees was brought before council by Armann. Following a short discussion, it was agreed unanimously that employees, both full-time and part-time, will receive a $35 gift card redeemable at the Marathon.

Last year, employees were gifted with cards to be used at Convenient Mart. According to McVey, gift cards will be purchased from a different village business each year.

Visitors to the meeting included Maxine Wells, Antionette Putsock and Police Chief Joshua Haught.

Wells told council members that someone tried to break into her home recently. She called 911 and was told there was no officer on duty and a deputy sheriff would be sent. It took the deputy 45-minutes to arrive. She was upset that a village policeman was not available in her time of need. “Do you know what could have happened to me or my home in those 45 minutes?” she asked council.

The mayor noted that two officers recently were hired provided they pass physical examinations.

McVey reported that the Christmas in the Village festivities “went off without a hitch. It was a nice day, a nice crowd, and the venue was better this year,” he said. He said thank-you notes have been mailed out, “and I hope we didn’t miss anyone,” he added, noting the number of people who were involved with making the event a success. He said councilmen Dave Walters and Brady Dierkes had been very involved in helping.

“To all who had anything to do with Christmas in the Village, Thank you so much!” said McVey.