Snowfall greets local motorists

THE FIRST SNOW of the season caused some area roads to be slippery in spots, and crews were out with snowplows and salt also was being spread to make the roads safe for drivers.

Trucks from the Belmont County Engineer’s Department were on the roads at 5 a.m., and snowplows in at least two counties were on the roads at midnight.

Kim Mercer of the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Morristown said seven trucks were on state roads at 3:30 a.m. She said there were no major problems, but urged drivers to go slow.

Dayle Conaway, road supervisor at the Roscoe Road garage of the Belmont County Engineer’s Department. said the first snowfall of the season catches some people off guard. “You just don’t know when you are going to come up to an icy spot on the road. It is best to drive slow and take it easy,” he said.

A dispatcher at the Ohio State Highway Patrol in St. Clairsville said no accidents were reported as of 6:30 a.m.

Darren Hendershot, transportation manager at the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Monroe County, said there was nearly 2 inches of snow, and the department had eight trucks on the roads. He said he was not aware of any accidents.

A spokesperson at the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Jefferson County also reported there was approximately 1-2 inches of snow on the road. He said there were several trucks on the roads, and they were called out around midnight.

Roads in Harrison County this morning were clear and wet, according to Chris Wood, manager of the ODOT garage in that county.

He said snowplows were on the road, beginning at midnight. Initially, a crew of four was working but five more workers were called out at 1 a.m. All together, nine crew members and a mechanic were on the job of clearing roads.

Wood added a couple of hydraulic hoses broke but that’s normal early in the cold weather even though the equipment underwent examination during a winter readiness event. The hoses, he said, get old and dry and then break under pressure.