Aaron’s, Salvation Army team up

BRIDGEPORT — Aaron’s, located at 56319 National Road, has partnered with the Salvation Army in the hopes to recieve donations for those in needs this holiday season.

According to Major Louise Patrick, with the Salvation Army, the donations cardboards are empty and they are in desperate need.

“All the donations will stay local,” said Patrick. “The best things to donate is meals in a can, such as ravioil and soups.”

Aaron’s general manager Jason Freshwater said that all customers that bring in a can item will receive a discount. This is the first year that Aaron’s has done any type of community project like this and are currently trying to get more involved. Customers and residents can leave their donations inside Aaron’s in their designated location.

Patrick said that items for a hoilday dinner such as cranberry sauce and stuffing are also good items.

“Thank you to everyone for stepping up and thank you Aaron’s for stepping up,” said Patrick.