Barnesville lands another leasing deal

BARNESVILLE- Village Council approved another lease agreement at Monday’s meeting, this time with Ohio Gathering Co., a division of MarkWest. The contract names village-owned property in the Slope Creek area of Somerset Township to be used as a right of way. OGC will be paying the Village $92,565 for leasing 2,289 feet, as well as $22,890 for damages.

Barnesville businessman Jim Grear asked council for a letter of approval for a camping area on six acres of his property in town. Grear says that the five campsites will be located in a park-like setting and will take up less than an acre of land. The letter from council will be sent to the State with information on water and sewer systems and site plans to obtain a license for the facility.

“We want to nip the rumor mill in the bud right now,” Grear explained. “We’re going by the book, and what we want is a place for out of town visitors to be able to come and stay for the weekend. It will look like campsites in a park. It will be done well.”

Grear says the campground will not be visible from the street and that he will be installing privacy fences. Councilman Terry McCort noted that council appreciated Grear coming to members for the approval letter since it wasn’t a requirement for the project. The vote in favor of the letter was unanimous.

Council also approved Ordinance #3631 increasing pay rates, freezing future pay rates and setting a base scale for newly hired Village employees. In an effort to offer more competitive salaries for police officers, new officers will begin at $27,040 with an increase of approximately $2,000 after the probationary period. With the exception of the Police Department, pay rates will remain the same as those under Ordinance #3610 which took effect January 5, 2013 and will remain so until council votes to change them. Members did approve giving Village employees “Barnesville Gold” for Christmas bonuses again this year.

Fire Chief Bob Smith received the go-ahead to apply for a state safety grant through Workers’ Compensation for a power cot loader in the Emergency Squad vehicle. The loader will work with the department’s current cots. Grants of up to $40,000 will be available for the loaders, which greatly reduce the risk of back injuries for EMTs.

Roger Deal, village administrator, informed members that the Village will be receiving donations from the estate of the late Wanda Johnson, a Barnesville resident. Her attorney contacted the fiscal office to let them know she bequeathed $40,000 to the emergency medical squad and $120,000 to Memorial Park.

Deal also noted that the town Christmas tree is up and was donated by Dave and Jeanette Hissom.

The village’s new International dump truck has been delivered to Ace Truck Equipment in Zanesville and should arrive in Barnesville sometime next week.

There will be a financial committee meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 4 p.m. in council chambers to discuss employee raises and the final 2014 budget. Councilman John Jefferis noted that he would like to see the budget in advance in order to review it thoroughly.

Members approved meeting Minutes and Pay Ordinance #24 in the amount of $36,856.22.

Barnesville Village Council meetings are held every other Monday at 7 p.m.

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