Buckeye Local to host Secret Service agents

United States Secret Service agents are coming to Buckeye Local High School and Middle School in late January for an in-service with local educators from across the district and beyond specifically focusing on school site safety and security management matters under routine and crisis situations as new policies and practices are being formulated for nationwide application.

What prompted the agents to make plans to connect with the Buckeye Local School District: an invitation was extended.

Extending the invitation was area resident and businessman Frank Hoagland, a Service Retired U.S. Navy Senior Chief (SEAL), he is the founder and CEO of the Mingo Junction based firm S.T.A.R.T., LLC – Special Tactics and Rescue Training.

But that was not the only exceptional development Hoagland had to discuss with the board recently.

The other matter: gaining board approval for a Beta Test to be conducted on a never before seen publicly, highly customizable internet and wireless application designed to manage in real-time information about essential everyday and emergency matters unique to a single school site or district wide.

Its name: the “360 School Safety Application”.

A customizable accountability and communications application he has developed it and is ready to unveil the app to the public via a test in the local school district in the near future.

“This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize the way we keep our students, staff and visitors safe in all buildings, and at all times,” offered Hoagland regarding the new Internet and wireless usable program the “360 School Safety Application, he and his firm are just beginning to introduce to potential markets locally, regionally and nationwide.

The most important criteria when managing emergency situations in school buildings: accountability and communication,” said Hoagland. “The 360 Safe School Application delivers both.”

“While the simple to utilize application easily keeps accurate information such as absences, early release authorizations, a student’s actual daily schedule – allowing instant confirmation if they are not to be found where their schedule says they should be at a specific time, and serves as a registry for those from the public who are entering and exiting a building.

“The application is also an Emergency Management Mobile Tool that can be utilized in any emergency situation to provide First Responders and School Administrators up to the minute information on any unaccounted for or incapacitated student, staff or visitor in the building. The application is designed to work on any Internet enabled device,” said Hoagland.

Hoagland’s personal career as a SEAL spanned two decades, after which he was invited to work for the government, which he did for nearly another decade.

Being able to bring his professional resources to his home school district for the immediate benefit of students and school personnel is an opportunity Hoagland is passionate about making happen.

He is not at all shy about reaching out to his personal and professional peers in search of opportunities to access new and established resources for the benefit of a school district’s assessments and resulting recommended ideas.

‘Yes, Sir. That’s correct. They are coming here – and at no charge to the district – because I asked them to,” was the straightforward answer one of the Buckeye Local School District board members got from Hoagland during a recent meeting.

He does not ask others to set the standard for success he and his team of specialists will be measured against at jobs end, he and his team always hold themselves and their work up to the highest of standards: his.

But even before that event comes about on Jan. 21, 2014, the CEO of S.T.A.R.T. LLC – Special Tactics and Rescue Training, Hoagland, a service retired Navy SEAL will unveil via a testing scenario at the high school and middle school building a unique application he has developed which is focused on real time management of information in everyday conditions and can instantaneously become a means of accessing vital accountability information for school officials, first responders and even parents of students in a particular building should a threat or real emergency develop.

When Hoagland, an established Mingo Junction business owner and highly decorated service retired U.S. Navy SEAL, reaches out beyond his elite team at S.T.A.R.T., for additional personnel or resources only those he recognizes as the very best at what they can bring to his team’s skill set will get an invitation.

It is that basis on which he contacted the Secret Service and issued an invitation for them to come to Buckeye Local School District for an exchange of information and opportunities for local educators to have personal access to top national authorities tasked with projects centering on improving – on a national scale – school site safety and security management programs and resources.

Superintendent of Buckeye Local School District, Mark Miller, could not be more pleased with than the district’s recently established relationship with Hoagland and S.T.A.R.T.

“Buckeye Local has a unique and exciting opportunity to work and train with the U. S. Secret Service. This opportunity is s direct result of the partnership Buckeye local has developed with Mr. Hoagland and S.T.A.R.T. LLC.,” said Miller about the opportunities coming to Buckeye Local via its unique relationship with the locally based firm.

“Teachers from Buckeye Local and the surrounding areas will receive the most up to date tactics regarding school safety from the most prestigious safety organization in the country. We are excited to offer this opportunity to our staff and teachers across the area on Jan. 21, 1014 at BLHS,” he said.

“The Secret Service in partnership with S.T.A.R.T. LLC are developing the latest school safety strategies and will provide some of these aspects to attendees. The Buckeye Local School District Board of Education approved using the new innovative program aimed at keeping the district’s school safer now and in the future,” offered Miller on the recent approval by the board of utilizing these unique resources.

Questions about registering for the in-service event can be made by contacting the Buckeye Local School District Board of Education office.

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