Cadiz council hears waterline project update

CADIZ Village council heard an update from Bob Allen, a representative from Triad Engineering, concerning the Old Steubenville Pike waterline project during Thursday’s meeting.

A preliminary application to the EPA will be due early sometime next year, and Allen told the council funding sources will need to be confirmed shortly. In addition to improving water lines the project will replace thirty fire hydrants, many of which are currently inoperable.

Allen anticipates submitting the application to the EPA in May and if approved the project will begin in June and last approximately four months.

The council voted to approve the hiring of James Thomas as a full-time patrolman after hearing Police Chief Ryan McCann’s recommendation. Thomas already works part-time for the department. Two new police cruisers were purchased and are now in use after the necessary decals were added to the vehicles.

Councilman Dan Ossman suggested that signs need to be posted uptown regarding citizens who neglect to clean up after their pets and also those who litter. It is an issue that has been noted previously, and ordinance 521-04 Sidewalk Obstructions prohibits leaving items in sidewalks.

“It’s a shame. We have an ordinance, but we need to do something, get some signs up, so they’ll realize we’re serious,” Ossman remarked.

The council discussed unsafe traffic at the intersection of Industrial Park Road and Grant Street. Suggestions were made to install a three-way stop, or to lower the speed limit. The issue will be brought to the attention of the Ohio Department of Transportation and a traffic study will likely need to be completed before any final decisions are made.

“I don’t think it’s our decision. I don’t think you can just stick a sign up,” said Councilman Paul Coffland. Council agreed.

The council will hold an end-of-the-year meeting on Monday, Dec. 30 at 12 p.m.

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