K-9 unit tracks suspects

BRIDGEPORT – Curtis Schybal was tracked and arrested by Bridgeport Police Officers Keven Yates and K-9 Santos.

According to Bridgeport Police Chief Andrew Klotz, Keven Yates and Santos were patrolling and saw a man walking on the sidewalk by Sutton Auto on National Road. Yates recognized Schybal from previous dealings and ran a check for warrants, which he had two, a violation of a protection order and failure to complete community service.

Yates approached Schybal and told him that there were warrants out for his arrests. Schybal ran through the woods, heading south on National Road and Interstate 7. Yates unsure what way Schybal went, Yates went back to his vehicle to retrieve Santos. Santos is a duel purpose K-9, which means he can detect drugs and is able to track people.

Santos and Yates tracked Schybal. When they found Schybal, he proceeded to run when Yates said that if he didn’t stop, he would let Santos go. Schybal immediately stopped put his hands in the air.

Schybal was taken into custody.