Martins Ferry in need of a solicitor

MARTINS FERRY – It was stated at the city council meeting Wednesday night that Solicitor Dan Fry would resign effective Dec 31, 2013.

Fry is the new Belmont County prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Mayor Paul Riethmiller thanked Sgt. Beth Scales and the Martins Ferry Police Department for all of their hard work on the inaugural “Christmas in the Park.”

The park will remain lit through the holiday season, “it looks fantastic and Chairperson Beth Scales did a great job on this two day event.”

“I would like to thank city councilman and all departments for a great job in all we accomplished this year,” said Riethmiller in his mayor’s report. “We as an administration, are proud to say that we are moving this city forward while accomplishing many major projects and we have not a had to lay off any city employees in our first two years in office.”

Riethmiller also thanked Fire Chief Jack Regis and the Martins Ferry Fire Department for another successful Christmas parade and the cooperation with the “Christmas in the Park” by changing the parade route.

Service Director Chuck Bennett discussed the North Fifth Street project in his report.

“Our North Fifth Street drainage issue has advanced as promised. We have already tied our line into the creek below Ellen Street. And next week we will be heading south,” said Bennett.

Riethmiller wanted to make it clear that they have not received the Ohio Public Works Commission grant, though they have had to resubmit their application, which Gagin believes is a positive sign.

“I want to thank all of the city councilmen and Kathy (Gagin) for all of your hard work and I want to thank the council members who took the time and went to Marietta.”

Police Chief John McFarland reported that his 2014 Tahoe will be delivered by next week. He stated that he found one that was all black and only the door will have to be painted, saving almost $1,000.

Code Administrator Betty Suto stated that there more than 15 buildings razed in the city. Eight of the buildings were razed by the city.

The next meeting will be held on Dec. 30.

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