Solovan hands down drug sentences

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Several sentences were handed down during Friday’s session of Belmont County Common Pleas Court. Judge John M. Solovan II presided.

Ernest Taylor Fisher III, 34, 123-A Orchard Drive, St. Clairsville, was sentenced for possession of drugs, a felony of the third degree occurring July 3, 2012. He was given a sentence of 18 months in the penitentiary. He will also forfeit $179 and a vehicle.

Solovan noted that Fisher had been part of a sophisticated drug trafficking operation and an escalating pattern of drug behavior. The crime had been committed after he’d been previously convicted of a similar crime.

Fisher will also face federal proceedings for violating his parole.

“You’re putting poison on the street, and that poison is infecting all the folks that were here today in my drug court,” Solovan said.

Cynthia A. McCormick, 53, 61076 Rose Hill Road, Salesville, was sentenced on two counts of theft of drugs, each a felony of the fourth degree occurring Jan. 11, 2013. She has also entered an Alford plea and is awaiting sentence on the same set of charges in Guernsey County. She was given three years of community control sanctions including 90 days in jail, deferred until April 11. Court will consider a suspension should McCormick accept responsibility and give an accurate account of the crime, and enter intensive counseling and mental health counseling in Guernsey County. She will serve 12 months intensive supervised probation, 24 months regular probation. She will not work in the home health industry again.

Daryl Jay Lucas, 43, incarcerated, was given an early release. He was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor 14 years of age, a felony of the third degree occurring June 14, 2010. He will continue his sentence in jail until space is available in EOCC. He will serve six months EOCC and complete treatment. He will be subject to 12 months of intensive supervised probation, 42 months probation. He will be designated a Tier 2 offender.

Alexandrea Cleressa Bates, 22, incarcerated, was terminated from drug court after several violations including testing positive. She was originally charged with attempted theft of a firearm, a felony of the fourth degree occurring July 18, 2012. The firearm belonged to her parents. She was sentenced to 15 months in the reformatory for women, with credit for 283 days served.

Tamisha Howard, Warren, was arraigned and pleaded not guilty to illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention center, a felony of the third degree occurring May 23, 2013. Her status conference was set for Jan. 17, with plea agreement Jan. 31 and trial Feb. 13. A recognizance bond was set. She faces a maximum sentence of 36 months.