St.C. sexting probe continues

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont County Prosecutor Dan Fry said he will meet Dec. 30 with agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation to discuss the case involving sexting among students at St. Clairsville High School.

Fry referred the case to the bureau earlier this month after reviewing a list of students interviewed by St. Clairsville police. Officials are also determining whether a potential conflict of interest existed.

Fry estimates as many as 30 students could be involved in the case.

“BCI has the case,” he said. “Whether they have started the investigation, I don’t know.”

While the cell phones from at least 20 of the students have been confiscated for forensic testing at the bureau, the parents of some students have not permitted their children to participate in the investigation, Fry said.

“The St. Clairsville officers contacted the parents of the kids they wanted to talk to, there were some who did not allow their children to talk to police or turn their cell phones over to the investigation,” he said.