St. C. to upgrade building for handicapped

ST. CLAIRSVILLE City officials are considering the possibility of introducing handicapped accessibility to the second floor of the city building this 2014.

Mayor Robert Vincenzo said an engineering firm will study the possibilities after the New Year. Options include an elevator or modifications to the building.

“We will do that immediately after the first of the New Year,” he said.

He added that the city’s response to the first winter snowfall was a success. He commended the cooperation between city employees.

Commendation also went to the police officers for their work patrolling the city and for their presence during the past Christmas Parade. Vincenzo noted that police are on patrol during daylight as well as evening hours.

The city employees were also commended for their work in setting up decorations around the city.

In other matters, planning and Zoning Administrator Tom Murphy reminded residents that it is necessary to secure a permit before beginning any construction work. He noted a project begun without a permit could disrupt a city utility line.

Also, council members met with ODOT to address the problem of spreading storm water on East Main Street. Planned work in 2015 could reduce that. Murphy noted issues such as obstructing structures and a lack of a wide right-of-way.

“They feel they can reduce the spreading quite a bit, but maybe not resolve it totally,” Murphy said, adding that major storms would still generate a problem.

In matters of utilities, residents of the Rand Land area were thanked for their cooperation and support during the cable installation project. Residents were also reminded that during heavy snows of two inches or more, the street cleaning process is made easier if vehicles are off the streets.

Residents have also been cooperative in giving information regarding their meters for the planned citywide upgrade to remote metering.

Council Member Terry Pugh gave a report on the Police Committee. The committee is looking into the available finances in the budget for additional equipment and items for the police department.

The fire district met Nov. 14 to address issues including donations for annual charities and two resignations by part-timers. They will re-convene Friday to converse about a contractual issue, a budget issue, and station remodeling.

Work will be done at the tennis courts at the park. Concrete work will also be done around the pool this summer.

Council held the third reading adopting a hazard mitigation plan for the city.

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