Agreement reached in I-70 fight

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Parties have reached a settlement in the order to enforce a decade-old court order calling for the Stein family to complete some road construction toward the proposed I-70 Mall Road upgrade. The case had been brought by the Stewart family and the county commissioners.

Both cases were settled and a tentative agreement reached with the commissioners office.

Commissioner President Matt Coffland said the board would vote on whether or not to accept the agreement during their Wednesday meeting at 9 a.m.

“The Belmont County road case has finally been resolved,” said Common Pleas Court Judge Frank Fregiato. “I appreciate the cooperation of the Belmont County Commissioners, Lou Stein, and the Stewart Family. The project may now go forward,w ith a substantial savings in tax money for Belmont County residents. It is a major win-win resolution for everyone, with everybody working together.”

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