Barnesville council fails to pass budget

BARNESVILLE-Although Barnesville Village Council approved the final appropriations for 2013 in the amount of $1,944,200.00, members did not pass a budget for 2014, due Jan, 1. Councilman John Jefferis asked for clarification from Fiscal Officer Darla Fuller in what appeared to be discrepancies in his copy versus a final copy which was distributed to members at a later date. The new budget totals $5,537,910.

Because of those questions, Jefferis voted no on the motion to suspend readings on Ordinance 3647, the 2014 Budget. Councilmen Brad Hudson and Tony Johnson also voted against the motion to suspend, and Village Solicitor Marlin Harper said that the item will have to go to the next council meeting agenda for approval since a 75 percent affirmative vote is necessary for the reading suspension.

IN?OTHER business, a Barnesville High School graduate who is a senior at the Savannah College of Art and Design will be using his hometown as a backdrop for his final project film. Gage Hamlin requested permission to film two short scenes near the intersection of N. Chestnut and W. Church Streets. One scene will involve a moving car “screeching to a halt” in front of the First Presbyterian Church, and the second will involve actors on W. Church St. There will be two police officers on site, and that section of W. Church will be closed temporarily. Police Chief Dave Norris and council gave their approval for the project, which is tentatively scheduled for a Sunday afternoon in March.

On the same block, the elementary school has asked council to review a parking lot issue concerning a village lot and an adjacent house near the school. Residents at the house are having difficulty with access to their yard because of the parking situation.

Automatic billing from the water department may be available by the end of January. Jefferis asked for the status, and Fuller and Roger Deal, village administrator, responded that the ACH program should be relatively easy to set up in the next few weeks.

Council approved Pay Ordinance #26 in the amount of $87,415.43.

Mayor Ron Bischof and Council President Dale Bunting recognized the three outgoing councilmen, Brad Hudson, Tony C. Johnson and William Stottler, for their service to the Village of Barnesville. Each was presented with a plaque.

The newly-elected councilmen-Dale Bunting, Scott Gallagher, Tim McKelvey and Les Tickhill-were then sworn in by the mayor. Their terms begin Jan. 1.

Barnesville Village Council meets every other Monday at 7 p.m.

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