Barnesville movie pledges eclipse $10,000

AS OF EARLY this morning, $10, 135 had been pledged toward the filming of a movie in Barnesville by a resident of that western Belmont County village.

Only seven days remain for pledges, and a minimum goal of $13,500 has been set, according to Gage G. Hanlon, who wants to make the movie. The pledges may be made on the website.

Describing kickstarter as an all-or-nothing campaign, Hanlon said that once the goal is reached, “the backers are charged, they get the rewards by June and we get to make the movie. If we don’t make it (the goal), the backers aren’t charged, they don’t get the rewards, and we don’t make the movie.”

If filming becomes possible, plans are for it to begin Feb. 27 in Barnesville.

Hanlon, son of Ted and Kelley Hanlon, is director for “The Pinewood Man,” which will star James Madio from “Band of Brothers,” “Basketball Diaries” and an upcoming feature film, “Jersey Boys,” directed by Clint Eastwood.

He wants to make the movie as his final Senior Film before his graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

“The Pinewood Man” is about a man who finds his wife has left him for someone else while he was on a Scout camping trip with their son. Noting it’s a “dark and funny story,” Hanlon said the man after learning about his wife’s leaving “goes a little crazy and uses his son’s upcoming Pinewood Derby Race to prove to his wife and son that he’s a winner.”

Personal autographs such as those from Madio and a crew T-shirt designed by Hanlon are featured in the rewards.

When announcing his plans in recent weeks, Hanlon pointed out $5 for example will let the donor see the finished product online when it’s completed, $25 will get the donor’s name in credits, behind the scenes, a digital download of the film as well as a digital picture of the cast and crew. There are 10 reward tiers up to $1,000.

A donor receives the rewards listed for the amount donated as well as rewards of previous tiers.

Those donating at least $1,000 will become an executive producer and receive a title card as well as other rewards.

More details about the rewards and the film itself are on the website. Persons interested in donating are to go to the website, “” and click on “The Pinewood Man.”

It is noted on that website that the project will only be funded if at least $13,500 is pledged by Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 9 p.m., EST.

Help regarding the movie is being sought from the general public because making a film is very expensive. “The public makes the film possible,” noted Hanlon. “I need Barnesville to make the film possible.”

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