Cera seeks re-election

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) has filed his petitions to run for re-election to the OhioHouse of Representatives.

The Democrat legislator represents Ohio House District 96, which encompasses Jefferson and Monroe counties, as well as part of Belmont County. Cera, a native of Bellaire, first served in the Ohio Legislature from 1983-1996. He returnedt o the Ohio House in December 2011.

His willingness to consider both sides of an issue, work with members from both sides of aisle, his strong work ethic and his pragmatic approach tocomplicated issues has enabled him to work on some of the House’s most importantcommittees. These committees include: Finance and Appropriations, Ways and Means, PublicUtilities, Ag and Natural Resources, and Policy and Legislative Oversight.

Rep. Cera was instrumental in starting the Roadwork Development Fund which directed gas taxfunding to economic development for the first time and for the expansion of the flood warningsystem following the deadly floods of 1990. Throughout his tenure, he has worked with localofficials on many water, sewer and road projects and will continue to advocate improving thedistrict’s infrastructure. Currently, the legislator is working to promote the essential role of coalin America’s energy future by serving on the CoalBlue steering committee and he is diligentlypushing for funding from the oil and gas industry to stay in eastern Ohio for use in roads andinfrastructure maintenance and upkeep.

He has spoken out on numerous issues including whathe believes is unfair education funding, the future of the Yorkville Mill and of the closing ofOrmet. He has co-sponsored legislation that outlines a Rape Crisis Program for Ohio (HB 108)and in an effort to promote economic development, jointly sponsored HB 135 which creates atax credit for recovery of certain unused industrial sites.

Throughout his tenure, he has always promoted an open-door policy and appreciates feedbackfrom his constituents.

“I am elected to serve the people of this district. Their willingness to getinvolved and to share their thoughts, ideas, frustrations and concerns allows me to better servethem and our area of the state,” said Rep. Cera.