Warming centers offering relief

DUE TO the extreme cold that is expected in the Ohio?Valley over the next few days, the following warming centers are available for anyone needing to escape the cold. The locations in Belmont County are as follows:

Barnesville Methodist Church, 230 W Main St,, Barnesville, 740-238-0241;

Bellaire First United Methodist Church, 3402 Guernsey St., Bellaire, 740-676-3663;

Bellaire Salvation Army, 315 37th St., Bellaire, 740-676-6225;

Centerville Senior Center, 46642 Main St., Centerville, 740-686-2176;

Colerain Fire Company Social Hall, US 250, Colerain, 740-699-0425;

Spirit of 76 Fire Dept., 53890 Key-Bellaire Road, Bellaire, 740-676-7676;

Flushing United Methodist Church 301 High St., Flushing, 740-968-0928;

Flushing Christian Church, 201 E. High St., Flushing, 740-968-4476;

Grace Presbyterian Church 7 North Fourth St, Martins Ferry, 740-359-1813;

Martins Ferry Schools, 500 Ayers Limestone Road, Martins Ferry, 740-310-4550;

Village of Shadyside Community Center, 50 E. 38th St., Shadyside (open);

Somerton Fire Department, 55717 Washington St., Somerton, 740-757-2541 or 740-391-9060;

Thoburn United Methodist Church 209 E. Main St., St. Clairsville, 740-227-0239 or 740-695-0770;

Powhatan Point Municipal Building, 104 Mellott St, Powhatan Point, 740-391-0105 or 304-312-0155;

Yorkville United Methodist Church, 121 Third St., Yorkville, 740-859-3013.

It is recommended you call ahead so that arrangements may be made.

If there are any further questions, you may contact the Belmont County Emergency Management Agency at 740-695-5984.