Wheeling Hospital amongst the best

WHEELING – Wheeling Hospital has been named one of the safest hospitals in the nation by the SafeCare Group.

Out of 4,500 care organizations in the U.S., only 100 made the list and Wheeling was the only one out of the state of West Virginia and the region that made the list.

“This is indeed a big, big day for Wheeling Hospital and it’s a big day for Wheeling in general. To be selected among the top 100 hospitals in the United States as a SafeCare Hospital is really a big deal,” said Chief Executive Officer Ron Violi. “It is among the best of the very best hospitals in our rank.”

Violi goes of to say that the people most responsible for Wheeling Hospital receiving this award is the doctors, nurses and technicians that work in the hospital everyday, “It’s your efforts that make this happen.”

“This award and issue is very near and dear to me,” said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Angelo Georges. “Five or six years ago, we discussed how we were going to improve the infection problem in this hospital, it was a problem that affecting hospitals across the state and it was going to be a sort of tough love kind of thing.”

The hospital came up with several ideas on how to battle infection. One of the ways was asking people to wash their hands before coming to the hospital and tougher visitor rules. Some of the visitor rules includes barring kids from visiting for their and the patients protection.

“All of this together, I am very proud to say, this shocked me that we received this award, these hospitals are of the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic caliber. I can not echo Mr. Violi’s sentiments anymore then thank the people in this room,” said Georges. “I know it gets difficult … But really this is what it is all about and with that being said, it is not that we are going to stop here. As we move to totally private rooms here in the near future, we will further add and improve, I am confident of that.”

All of those who were present agreed that Wheeling Hospital is not going to stop here and will continue to make it safe for residents of the Ohio Valley.

Hospitals included among the 100 SafeCare Hospitals had the lowest risk-adjusted rates of complications in medical and surgical care; lowest rates of in-hospital infections; lowest rates of surgical infections; lowest risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality rates; lowest readmission rates; lowest overutilization of radiation test; highest care processes; and highest patient satisfaction scores.

According to SafeCare, if all U.S. hospitals attained the 100 SafeCare level, more than 100,000 deaths and 400,000 preventable complications would have been prevented.

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