Bellaire looking forward to spring

BELLAIRE – Several issues were discussed and one piece of legislation was passed during Thursday night’s village council meeting.

The biggest of these issues concerned the village’s low salt supply and the current situation of potholes in the village.

“Our salt situation is still the same,” said Village Administrator Dan Marling. “We do expect to get a little bit in, and we have been mixing it with sand. We’re trying to hit the critical areas as people call in, but (the supply) is at critical still. So let’s all hope and pray for spring.”

The weather seems to be cooperating with the wishes of the village. The high temperature on Thursday was well into the 50s, and similar conditions are expected into early next week.

However, the highly varying temperatures lately have caused the ground and roadways to expand and contract significantly, which is resulting in the creation of an inordinate amount of rather large potholes in the village.

Proceeding, Marling addressed the issue with potholes and what can currently be done to curb the problem for now.

“We are going to begin the process tomorrow of putting cold patch in the potholes. But as most of the folks know, we put it in in the morning, and by the afternoon, it will be out because cold patch doesn’t hold. We’re going to do the best we can and get as much as we can put in,” Marling said.

Marling also extended his thanks to the service department and the distribution staff for all the hard work they have done with helping the village to ease its snowy, icy troubles in the last few weeks.

Another issue brought before council concerned a problem that emerged in the village in regards to the caisson and well in the Ohio River.

The pump motor in the well locked up early Thursday morning. The village partnered with a local contractor and used a crane to raise the pump so that debris could be cleared from its intake. The pump was re-lowered and seemed to be working, but it clogged again in the afternoon.

A bit of good news is that the village already has a replacement motor for the pump, which was kept when a secondary well was removed from the river.

“We have an outside company coming in (Friday) from Dayton,” Marling said.

The plan is to raise the pump again and replace the motor. If that does not work, the village will have to purchase a brand new motor for the pump, and if that should happen, many residence might have to conserve their water usage until the problem can be solved.

The piece of legislation which council passed on Thursday night was an amendment to a previous ordinance that had been passed on Feb. 6 of this year.

The previous ordinance abolished the position of secretary to the mayor while also establishing the position of Administrative Assistant of the Village of Bellaire.

The amendment to this bill concerned establishing a rate of pay for the new position, which council agreed should be $11 per hour. The council was happy to announce that the position has already been filled by LaWanda McCain.

“She has been substituting in the position this week. We have great hopes for her,” Marling said.

McCain will begin her official role in the position on Monday.

Council members Jerry Fisher and Mary C. Nixon were not present at Thursday night’s meeting.

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