Bellaire school board hears positive reports

BELLAIRE The Bellaire Local Board of Education heard about some positive things taking place in the school district by the principals here Monday during its regular monthly meeting, including some attention the middle school is getting.

Principal Derek McAfee, Bellaire Middle School, reported the school is getting noticed after being named an “excellent school,” twice by the state, an “excellent school with distinction,” and a “school of promise.”

During the principal’s report, McAfee said the success in recent years is “no flash in the pan” and that other school districts are starting to take notice.

Other school districts have been sending groups of teachers to see what the school is doing to educate students and more are planning to visit the school.

He also said he wanted to thank the teachers at Bellaire Middle for being welcoming to the the guests.

Things are picking up at the high school too, Principal Kevin Roseberry said, as the students are making plans for college and there are scholarships available.

The school is also working on educating more students and one of the new programs, a computer based curriculum that is being used by 22 students. Roseberry said it is a win-win for the district because it is helping to keep kids in school, offering an alternative for students to graduate, some of whom may have dropped out of the school system.

At the elementary school, Principal Derrick Ault reported that some of the classes have been chosen to field test the next generation of assessment tests. The new online tests will not replace the current standardized state testing this year.

The reading intervention program is also going well he said.

One of the problems the district is facing is making missed school days, Superintendent Tony Scott said.

In the past, the district has normally added school days at the end of the school year to make up the missed days, but with state tests and the Ohio Graduation Test scheduled to take place, Scott said the students need the instruction time sooner rather than later to be prepared for the test and one option is to put an additional 33 minutes on at the end of the current school day for increased instruction time. The district has used up its five calamity days, missing a total of 11 days. Tacking on an additional 33 minutes to the school day will make up one day each week.

The board also recognized students during the “Parade of Champions.”

From the elementary school, students recognized were: Donald Smathers, Ava Poe, Andrew Ciofani, Lillian Fleming, Donovan Norman, Janyah Johnson-Scott, Sophia Porter, Jackson Zamora, Chandler Richards and Alexandria Exner. Middle school recognized Niesa Rice, Ryan Hicks, Tenley Hughes, Dalton Garloch, Nikki Hugus, Derek Edgar, Sara Warner and Mason Ramsay.

High school students who were recognized were: Sydney Stolz, Megan Booth, Collin Kimbro and Aubrey Ryan.

The board also met in executive session to discuss employment of personnel.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for March 10 at 6 p.m. in the high school cafeteria.