Bendo seeks Belmont seat

BETHESDA — Pete Bendo (R-Bethesda) has officially announced his candidacy for the office of Belmont County commissioner.

“Being in public service is an honor bestowed upon those who are called to it, not a career path for those with personal agendas or axes to grind.” – Pete Bendo

Pete Bendo is currently a commissioner on the Bethesda Park District Board overseeing improvements, safety and the maintenance of Bethesda’s park district. Pete is a proud enlisted soldier in the Ohio Military Reserve, which is the all voluntary State Defense Force of Ohio and a military component of Ohio’s Adjutant General’s Department along with the Army National Guard, Air National Guard and the Ohio Naval Militia. Pete serves with great Ohio Soldiers and trains to assist civil authorities in the event of a man made or natural disaster in the state. Pete Bendo is a member of The State Guard Association of Ohio and sits on its Legislative Action Committee. Pete is proud to advocate for Ohio Soldiers and speak for them with elected officials who represent us in the Ohio Statehouse. Pete and his wife Tiffany have resided in Bethesda, Ohio for 10 years, where they are raising two fantastic boys.

“I believe in the principles and the guarantees provided to all of us in the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Ohio, I have taken an oath to both more than once.”

“I am a Republican. I believe in traditional values, low taxes and limited government. I plan to lead by representing and honoring the trust of ALL residents of Belmont County. In Belmont County, we have an enormous opportunity for economic growth and prosperity due to the oil and gas industry. It is important that our role in obtaining energy independence is not squandered and that the residents of the county enjoy it’s fruits. Economic prosperity, and good jobs are on the horizon and this is our moment. The proper management of this energy growth economy will require planning here in the county but also good communication and coordination with our representation in Columbus and Washington. Business as usual is not going to cut it, it never has.”

“I think we would all agree that we should expect more from our county officials. The honor given to those in public service is great and the trust of the residents of Belmont County demands public servants who understand that.”

By profession, Pete is an investigator in the field of risk management / asset protection and is a legal services contractor.

Bendo filed his petitions with the Belmont County Board of Elections on Feb. 5.