Bridgeport council hires fiscal officer

BRIDGEPORT – Village council has hired a new fiscal officer, Agnes Hess, of Flushing, to replace Fred Brunstetter. Hess has been with the village for a week, and Tuesday night was her first council meeting.

Brunstetter has been and will continue to work with Hess.

Village council still has not hired a village solicitor after Mark Thomas left the position vacant. Right now, council has received two letters from interested attorneys.

With the endorsement of the Environmental Protection Agency, the board of public affairs entered into a loan/ grant to rid the water of the contaminants through the source water protection plan. This was declared an emergency.

“On behalf of the board of public affairs, on behalf of the citizens of Bridgeport and everybody who drinks the water, I want to thank council. This is a very good thing for our community, for the future and the health, safety and welfare of our citizens,” said Jim Zorbini, head of the water department. “It took a lot of work, believe it or not, and a lot of people at the state level all the way down, and most of the people worked on this tirelessly, effortlessly and at no cost.”

The Bridgeport Police Department hired two new part-time officers, Shamus Nixon and Ty Lauener. Both officers work part-time at the Martins Ferry Police Department as well. Officer Nathan Shaal recently left for a position with the sheriff’s office, leaving a full-time position open.

Bridgeport has three full-time officers, with one position open, and eight part-time officers. They also have have the K-9 Unit with handler Kevin Yates and canine Santos. Through multiple donations from the residents, they were able to acquire Santos.

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