Cadiz to acquire new department radios

CADIZ Village Council met Thursday evening and discussed replacing radios for village departments.

A repeater antenna will be placed on the sheriff’s tower, and communication will be updated and improved. The current radios have been in use for approximately 30 years, and the frequency being used is expected to cease to exist in the near future.

“There’s a lot of bleed off that frequency, they’re picking up E-Squad channels, Martins Ferry traffic, it’s bleeding through that same frequency,” said Street Department Superintendent Larry Ludwig.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would like the village to switch to digital, which will be adaptable to future updates. The digital radios will have two channels, and could be modified in the future to have four if necessary.

The replacement of outdated radios was prompted by a fire at Sally Buffalo Park which destroyed eight radios. After learning they could not be replaced, department heads decided to upgrade the village along with the park. 15 mobile radios (to be placed in trucks) and 15 portable radios (to be carried by personnel) will be purchased from Staley Technologies, Inc., who will also take care of FCC licensing.

Council discussed the issue of a street sweeper that has been out of commission for over two years, and how to speed up repairs which have been excessively delayed. A letter from solicitor Costa Mastros was sent previously, with no results. Council hopes to regain the street sweeper before the spring season.

“The time will come when the snow’s going to melt, and we’re going to need to clean our streets,” Mastros said.

Councilman Larry Sickle commended the street department for efficient snow removal in the wake of the latest winter storm.

“Our snow removal is way over and beyond, and getting the snow back from the main drag has been exceptional,” Sickle said.

An ordinance is in the works regarding the alley between the Harrison News-Herald and Historical Society buildings off of South Main Street. Council plans to put up a one-way sign for the narrow lane.

The next village council meeting will be Feb. 20 at 7 p.m.

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