No local flooding reported

WARM TEMPERATURES, melting snow and ice and a prediction of rain for this morning raises the possibility of flooding in some parts of Belmont County.

However, as of this morning, creeks and streams are within their banks and no reports of high water have been received, according to officials at the Belmont County Emergency Management Agency.

The EMA monitored several areas of the county on Wednesday and Thursday, including the Wheeling Creek area from Wolfhurst to Goosetown and Boydsville.

The ice jam in Wheeling Creek in the Wofhurst and Goosetown area broke loose Thursday evening and the water is flowing, according to Dave Ivan, EMA director.

Becky Horne, executive administrative assistant at the EMA, said no major damages or flooding were received on Thursday. However, residents who live near streams and creeks are advised to watch for rising water levels. “The rain we are getting today could cause the creeks and streams to rise suddenly,” she said.

The road leading from US 40 to Boydsville was closed Wednesday night, but a spokesperson at the Roscoe Road garage of the county engineering department, said the water receded and the road was reopened. A resident in Goosetown said the water level in the creek has dropped quite a bit. Dayle Conaway, road supervisor, at the Roscoe Road garage, said no reports of flooding or closings of county roads have been reported.

This morning, Conaway said all appeared to be well in the county. “We are knocking on wood ,” Conaway said. “Thus far no reports of flooding have been reported and there are no trees or branches down on county roads,” he said.

A section of Ohio 149 was closed Wednesday afternoon, but was reopened at 4:20 a.m. Thursday, according to Tom Johnson of the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Morristown.

Kim Mercer, spokesperson at the ODOT garage said no reports have been received today of water on on any of the state roads, She said it was the same with trees and branches.