Stock pockets Maine award

ARTISTRY and creativity continue to result in awards for a 90-year-old Martins Ferry man, whose photography business initially operated from his home in Bridgeport while he was working on the railroad.

Master Photographer Jay Stock has been selected as the recipient of the Maine Professional Photographers Association’s official award of recognition, the “Artistry in Photography Award,” in March.

This honor, authorized by the association’s board of directors, is “in tribute to the advancement of fine art photographic prints.” It will be awarded at the 65th annual Maine Photographic Exposition and Convention, scheduled March 7-10 in Brunswick.

“I’m flabbergasted,” said Stock about the upcoming honor.

Adding he would be unable to attend the event because of health reasons, the master photographer said, “Maine was one of my favorite states, doing workshops and lectures. It has so many different cultures. … I used to go up there three and four times a year.”

The Martins Ferry man received another honor last June when LeeAnn LaFleur and Barbara Tobey of The Journey Workshop presented him with the Journey Award “in recognition of his lifetime endeavor to elevate photography to excellence through his encouragement of personal growth in pursuing one’s own individual style and vision.”

At the time that the two women presented that award, they noted, in part, “Jay’s majestic, infrared landscapes, his soft, pastel impressionistic images, his documentary work of different cultures, the essence of capturing the dance in his Degas-style portraits, the beauty of the lighting traveling through his studies of black and white nudes, and so much more touched a chord in all who studied with him and viewed his images.”

His work also was selected in 2013 for the permanent collection at the International Photography Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Mo.

Stock, who’ll become 91 years of age in June, has earned many honors, including being the first to receive the American Society of Professional Photographers International Award.

His photographs have been displayed at the White House, and he was the first to exhibit photographic work in the U.S. Capitol. In addition, there have been displays in museums and universities throughout the world and honors received in other countries as well as in the United States.

He’s one of the few living members of the Photographic Hall of Fame, is an associate in the American Society of Photographers, a fellow in the British Institute of Professional Photography, American Society of Photographers and Royal Society of Arts in addition to being a Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman.

Stock was selected by other Martins Ferrians for induction into the Martins Ferry Hall of Honor in 2011.

Not only has Stock photographed people on five continents, but his photos have been featured in a variety of benefits to help others.

This one-time coal miner in Piney Fork and Glen Robbins didn’t have an easy start when he began his efforts in photography. He at times had to sell his blood when he wanted something extra while attending a school of photography in Connecticut, and he couldn’t be home for Christmas with his wife and daughters because of lacking bus fare.

Initially, the Stock family’s living room was his studio with their kitchen as a darkroom.

He credits his late wife, Julia Mae, for her help regarding his photographic studio. “She was as much responsible for my studio as I was – maybe more. A wonderful lady, I thank her every day for my three girls.”

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