Times Leader to deliver Progress starting today

MARTINS FERRY – Beginning today, The Times Leader will publish its annual special supplement highlighting the progress being made today toward moving our communities in the Ohio Valley forward.

The Times Leader’s annual Progress Edition is an award-winning series of special sections that provide in-depth examination of the status of the Ohio Valley’s educational opportunities, health care services, industries, entertainment and leisure activities and community leadership.

Although this year’s Progress Edition examines many content areas, the primary focus of the series will be how each area is moving forward in “The?Road We’re On.”

Today, the spotlight is on Retail and Tourism in the first section. Wednesday’s paper will feature special sections on Drilling/ Mining and Health. Thursday’s paper focuses on Education and Finance.

Each section contains articles and photos covering a wide variety of sub-topics ranging from how technology has changed our lives to how new industries are reshaping our future.

As always, the annual Progress Edition represents months worth of work by The Times Leader’s newsroom staff and advertising department.

Once again, this year’s effort to develop an array of comprehensive articles was a collaboration between the newsroom staffs of The Times Leader and The Intelligencer/ Wheeling News-Register.

The T-L’s Mike Palmer designed the eye-popping covers for each of the sections, which were put together by staffer Kayla Van?Dyne.

We hope you enjoy taking a special journey in ‘A New Direction’ with this year’s Progress Edition.