Water break in Flushing Museum

FLUSHING Black History Month started off with a minor disaster at the Underground Railroad Museum, when the curator, Dr. John Mattox, discovered a water break Saturday had damaged some historical artifacts and papers in the back rooms. A call is going out for volunteers to help in the repairs.

“We got a few things damaged and tried to save as much as we could,” he said, adding that the break occurred in a pipe at the upstairs men’s room. Although the museum’s insurance will cover the cost, historical items such as slave wanted posters and numerous books were damaged.

The museum will cease operations while items are moved from damaged rooms. Mattox said he will try to reopen by the third week of February.

He added that the main gallery and library is not damaged, so tours may be rescheduled.

“All assistance will be appreciated,” he said. “I want to save as much as I can.”

Mattox can be reached at (740) 968-6113 or (614) 395-0115

DeFrank can be reached at rdefrank@timesleaderonline.com