Bridgeport police seeking pay hike

BRIDGEPORT – Police Chief Andrew Klotz went before village council Tuesday night to ask for a $2 an hour raise for the full-time officers of the police department.

According to Klotz, Bridgeport currently serves as a training department for new officers and often leaves for other departments. Bridgeport has three full-time officers including Klotz and a dispatcher.

“We are responding to a lot of calls,” said Klotz. “The call amount has risen and things are getting bad.”

Bridgeport had more 4,000 calls last year alone and have the third largest call volume in Belmont County.

Klotz believes that if officers have an incentive, such as a raise, that more officers will stay if they have a goal to work toward. A positive that Klotz hit on is that having long-time officers would make them more well-known to the citizens since there are several officers that many residents have not met.

Currently, Bridgeport officers are paid $12 an hour. Klotz recently lost an officer to the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

Mayor John Callarik touched on the issues of pot holes that have plagued the streets due to the winter. The Street Department is waiting for the weather to break in order to fix many of the pot holes.

Callarik spoke about the poor condition of Hall Street. This street contains several businesses, and while there are some ideas about how to fix it, several council members will look at the condition and decide what should be done.

Bridgeport is still without a village solicitor.

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