Catholic schools hold competition

MARTINS FERRY – The Diocese of Steubenville’s eighth annual Tournament of Truth was held at St. Mary’s School on Friday. The tournament is a one-day event in which all schools of the Diocese of Steubenville meet for fellowship, food and lively competition.

It is a knowledge-based competition centered on the Catholic faith, in which students answer questions for points. Questions regarding what Jesus Christ said at his crucifixion, what colors a bishop wears, mysteries of the rosary, Catholic celebration dates, and names of apostles and prophets were asked, among others. The tournament was described as “an opportunity for the children of the Diocese of Steubenville to get excited about learning their Catholic faith.”

Seven schools of the diocese competed, including St. John School of Bellaire, St. Benedict School of Cambridge, St. Mary School of Martins Ferry, St. Mary’s School of St. Clairsville, St. Sylvester School of Woodsfield, and the elementary and junior high schools of Bishop John King Mussio of Steubenville.

Teams were grouped by the grade levels of Candidate, meaning second through fourth, Postulant, meaning fifth through sixth and Novice, meaning seventh through eighth. Each level of the tournament included three rounds. The winning team in each grade category was awarded a trophy by Bishop Jeffery Monoforton, the fifth bishop of the diocese.

In the Candidate category, the team from Bishop John King Mussio Elementary took first place. Team members were Vince Barcalow, Jack Blake, George Harris, Cecilia Ivanac and Brendan Schaefer. The runner-up team was from St. Benedict School, with team members Joseph Barnhouse, Matthew Binkiewicz, Sarah Clifford, Ashly Fordyce, Jayden Millkien, and Isaac Reed.

In the Postulant category, St. Mary of Martins Ferry’s team placed first, with members Spencer Helms, Trey Helms, Brooke Lander, Bailee McNamara, Zachary Vargo, Michael Buksa, and Holly Eberhart. St. Benedict School again offered the runner-up team, consisting of Elizabeth Abrams, Joshua Merva, Faith Rochus, Megan Sherry, Isaac Stanberry and Anna Wright.

In the Novice category, the winning team came from Bishop John King Mussio junior high school. Members were Colin Brown, Kellen Gotta, Joseph Kuebler, Kristina McNamara and James Schmiesing with alternates Vince Oliver and Levi Thompson. The team from St. Mary’s school of St. Clairsville achieved runner-up status, with members Kyle Hendershot, Natalie Planey, Shane Tomlin, Isabella Trouten, Lauren White, and alternate Hannah Lingenfelter.

A total of 94 students competed in the tournament, which was organized by Joe Taylor, resource consultant from the Office of Christian Formation and Schools.