Fire spreads through Bridgeport home

A BRIDGEPORT area family lost their home and possessions in a fire on Sunday afternoon.

Also lost in the fire were three dogs. The house was located off Beeson Road off a small dirt road which made it difficult for firefighters to reach. Crews responded to the call around 2:50 p.m. and when they arrived, the flames had already taken down the structure.

Jim Delman, Sunset Heights fire chief, said fire-fighters could see heavy smoke coming down the road, but unfortunately it was up a long lane where a supply line had to be laid. The chief said it was a good thing the department had a four-wheel drive vehicle or they may not have made it to the scene.

According to Delman, the family had two children. They were not home at the time. He said there were three dogs inside the house that firefighters believe were lost.

Nearly a dozen fire departments were on the scene making sure water was reaching the house. Tanker trucks had to fill up pools with water and a hose went up along the dirt road to the house.

The family told officials what they think may have been the cause. They said they had an electrical problem in the morning. The State Fire Marshal will be called to investigate to see if a cause can be determined.

According to Delman, the family lost everything except the clothes on their backs. He said they had no insurance. The American Red Cross was notified to see if they can provide assistance to the family and put them up for the night.

The fire is still under investigation. Crews cleared the scene around 6:30 p.m. The Salvation Army Canteen was also on scene.