Local roads at a level 1

LEVEL 1 snow emergencies were in effect early today in Belmont and Monroe counties after being placed on that status Sunday.

That snow emergency classification means that “roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy. Drive very cautiously.”

March, like January and February, has not been kind to our Ohio Valley.

It began to snow early Sunday morning, and road crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation and Belmont County Engineer’s Department began to do what they have been doing regularly for the last two months – plow the snow and spread salt.

A Belmont County Sheriff’s Office spokesman reported on the Level 1 emergency.

Tom Johnson, transportation supervisor at the Ohio Department of Transportation garage in Morristown, said trucks were on the roads all day Sunday and throughout the night. He said Interstate 70 and U.S. 40 were in good shape but many of the secondary roads are still snow-covered and slippery in spots. “We urge motorists to drive carefully and go slow,” he said.

Dayle Conaway, road supervsior at the Belmont County Engineer’s Roscoe Road Garage, said trucks and road crews were out all day Sunday and then came back out early this morning. “The roads are still snow-covered and as always, we urge drivers to go slow and take their time.”

A Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said the Level 1 was placed into effect Sunday at 10:09 a.m. Road crews in Monroe County have been working 25-1/2 hours straight through, Jim Wells, ODOT county manager reported this morning around 7 a.m.

Wells reported the highways in Monroe County are snow-covered and still slick, but if drivers use caution, they should be fine.

“It went south,” said Ty Justice, county manager for ODOT in Jefferson County, with reference to the snow falling throughout Eastern Ohio.

In Jefferson County, Justice said most of the highways are “pretty dried off, pretty clear.” He added that drivers have to watch as there are a few wet spots which may include black ice.

Road crews in Jefferson County started to work Saturday at midnight, and workers were still out this morning, checking some roads.

Chris Wood, county manager for ODOT in Harrison County, said the roads there are clear, and most are dry. Crews were out all day Sunday with a small crew out Sunday night to take care of the wet spots.

Noting about 3 inches of snow fell in Harrison County, Wood said, “It was in and out of here quick.”