Martins Ferry students hold fundraiser

MARTINS FERRY National Honor Society students and multi-handicapped students at Martins Ferry High School joined forces this past week to hold a fundraiser. The students took orders for milkshakes, candy and baked goods, and delivered the orders during student lunch breaks and study halls and staff planning periods. The fundraiser began this past Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, and the milkshakes were colored green to celebrate the holiday.

As of Wednesday, students had used four gallons of ice cream making their orders, and they anticipated using three more to get through Friday, when the fundraiser was set to end.

“It went wonderfully,” said Bonnie Michaels, an aide in the multi-handicapped classroom. The fundraiser has been held previously, but this was the first year the two groups worked together. Michaels and the students predict they will continue combining forces in future fundraisers.

“It was really fun getting together and making the milkshakes,” said participating student Kayce Neely.

The fundraiser is just one in a line-up of small events throughout the year to make money for the students. The funds will be used on a variety of services and supplies. National Honor Society students will be putting money toward next year’s induction ceremony, which includes a trip to Undo’s Restaurant and St. Clair Lanes for inductees. They will also be purchasing honor cords for graduation. Additionally, funds will go toward supplies and field trips for the multi-handicapped class.

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