Barnesville OKs 2 accords with Antero

BARNESVILLE-Village council members approved two agreements with Antero Resources that were discussed at the March 24 council meeting. The first was a temporary work space agreement in the amount of $7,500 for an area near the old Somerton School that authorized Antero to clear for preparing the well pad sites.

The second contract was the well pad site agreement naming two sites near the Slope Creek area and one site in the Memorial Park area. Village Solicitor Marlin Harper added the following language to the original draft of the agreement regarding protection of the Slope Creek Reservoir and watershed: “Lessee understands that the well site is located close to and within the watershed of Slope Creek Reservoir, which is Lessor’s primary source of raw water for its water systemAny contamination would threaten the potable water supply of those customers and endanger their health and welfare. Therefore, Lessee shall use the best available current technology to prevent liquid spills and migration of any liquids, solids or gases with may be harmful to or pose a threat to contamination of said reservoir.”

The agreement also stipulates a series of actions for Antero to take in the event of a leak at the well pad. At the Park site, Antero increased the initial pad fee by $2,500 to assist with improvements at the park. Councilman John Jefferis made the motion to approve the well pad agreement, and it was approved unanimously.

Fire Chief Bob Smith informed council that it would be possible to reduce the Workers’ Compensation grant cot loader order by one loader and still receive the $40,000. He said that even ordering two loaders and cots for the E-squad vehicles used most often will keep the Village’s match above the minimum. Council approved an order for the two loaders with cots and accessories.

Council also approved personnel changes at the fire department. Ordinance #3658 adds an EMS Captain to the emergency squad at an hourly rate of $11.25. Ordinance #3659 authorizes additional compensation, up to 18 hours at $10.75 per hour, to complete e-squad billing duties. Chief Smith asked Mayor Ron Bischof to remove eight people from the EMS roster and seven people from the fire department roster, and council members approved the removals.

Village Administrator Roger Deal has found a software program that will improve cemetery operations. While it is a sizeable investment, just under $18,000, the new program has mapping capabilities, a database for burial information and will produce deeds for plots. Deal is hoping to enlist volunteers to do extensive mapping and information logging and expects the process to take at least one year. Once the program is up and running, Deal plans to put the maps online. Members gave Deal the go-ahead to purchase the software and license agreements to $20,000.

Deal also got estimates for replacing the fence along Euclid Ave. at the North Cemetery. A vinyl two-rail fence will cost $5,500, and a three-rail fence will be $7,500. Members are looking for someone interested in dismantling and re-using the current fencing.

The 2014 water distribution bulk bid process is over, and low bidders were approved in all categories. This year supplies will total $80,000.

Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has proposed a new large load vehicle route for 2015. The proposal directs traffic east on State Route 147 through Bethesda to State Routes 147/149, and north to Interstate 70, then to State Route 800. Implementation will involve removing a railroad bridge on SR 147.

Building permits were approved for the following addresses: 421 N. Chestnut, 742 East Main St., 311 Leatherwood and 116 West South St.

Upcoming events at Memorial Park include an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 12 at 1 p.m.; BARK in the Park on Saturday, April 26 beginning at 10 a.m.; the annual Fire Department Fishing Derby on Saturday, May 31. Council members noted that feedback has been positive regarding the recent Rotary Run at the park.

“We’ve officially declared it spring and started sweeping the streets,” Deal added. The street sweeper began cleaning up on March 31.

Barnesville village council meetings are held every other Monday at 7 p.m.

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