Bridgeport officials talking trash

BRIDGEPORT The annual cleanup week scheduled for April 28-30, has been postponed. Mayor John Callarik and his office have been fielding phone calls about cleanup week for the last few days. Both Callarik and his office have instructed residents to call the three council members who are in charge of the cleanup — Carol Lyle, David Smith and Marvin Husarik.

Callarik also addressed what has changed since last year’s cleanup week.

In previous years, Callarik was the one who handled cleanup week and, according to him, everything went well. The village paid $7,200 and the village made $500.

This year, according to Callarik, cleanup week was taken out of his hands as the three council members wanted to handle it. With the dates released to the public, residents began to put their trash out only to find out it has been canceled.

Callarik said that they were trying to use another company that has cheaper rates.

“They don’t know when it is going to be. They don’t know what they are doing,” said Callarik. “They didn’t like last years and wanted to handle it, which is causing a lot of problems. I can’t give residents a straight answer.”

In the midst of the cancellation of cleanup week, the village also had a waterline break and a large hole in the middle of the road. Callarik’s company fixed both situations and saved the village money.

“The way I look at this right now, as the mayor of Bridgeport, I am going to do what I was elected for and what’s good for the people,” said Callarik. “I am not going to listen to the committees. They are never around when something happens anyhow. I fix them (problems) and so I am going to continue to do that.”

The mayor also addressed that council meetings as well.

“I’m not sitting in on two hour meetings and not getting anything done,” said Callarik. “We have a good town and it needs cleaned up.”

He also stated that there are four members who are hurting the village.

“Why fuss about it, let’s work together and get the job done,” said Callarik. “I’m here for the citizens and I want the people to know what is going on. I think they are here for themselves. The reason that I am putting this out there is because I want the people to know what is going on and I am going to keep putting the news out there and letting them know what is going on.”

Callarik goes on to say that he does not want to wait around for the committee or council, “If something needs done in the village, I know what the village needs, it needs a lot of good cleanup, roads and a lot of houses that need to be torn down and we are going to get it done and I’m not going to wait on any committee.”

Both Callarik and Councilman David Smith talked to multiple news sources. At one point Smith stated that “we should not air our dirty laundry.”

Callarik responded to this statement by saying, “If Dave Smith has dirty laundry, he can bring down to my laundry mat.”

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