Bridgeport water problems drying up

THE WATER is back on in Bridgeport after village crews worked more than 16 hours Monday repairing a break on a water line near the Bridgeport Christian Friendship Council’s food pantry on Main Street.

Mayor John Callarik, who spent the entire day at the scene, commended the workers. He said they did an excellent job. The break was discovered around 2:30 a.m. Monday.

Water was running on Main Street and some of it entered the food panty. The rug and some boxes were ruined.

One volunteer said it could have been worse and she said the staff was thankful that none of the food was lost. Callarik noted that a portion of the road in the vicinity of the break had raised slightly.

“We are hoping that heavy truck traffic running over the road will correct it,” he said.

U.S. 40 in Bridgeport was closed from the Stop 10 bridge to the Marion Street while repairs on the break were being made. The barriers were removed Monday evening, and the road is now open.

A portion of the road leading from U.S. 40 about 30 feet up the Stop 9 Hill in Bridgeport caved in this morning. Mayor Callarik said the hole is about seven feet deep.

“After the water line break, I thought we would have an easy day, but no such luck,” he said.

“We will get busy and get it fixed as soon as possible,” he said.