Cadiz discusses rezoning

CADIZ – Cadiz council held a public hearing Friday at 12 p.m. to discuss the upcoming rezoning of various parcels in the Industrial Park area from an R-1 designation to an M-1 designation.

Charley Bowman, of Economic Development Data Services, gave a rundown of everything that has led up to the imminent rezoning, which started when council passed a resolution last year asking the Planning Commission to review and make a recommendation in favor or opposition of rezoning.

After the Commission came back in favor of rezoning, council sent letters to all property owners within a 500-foot radius of the parcel. One resident had expressed opposition previously but seemed resigned at the hearing. The council held a second reading of the ordinance to rezone, and will hold the third and final reading at the next meeting.

After the public hearing, council went directly into a regular meeting.

Jason Marks, representing Columbia Gas, requested permission to commence surveying for a revitalization project going through Sally Buffalo Park, which was granted. Marks is the crew chief for the project which is still in preliminary stages.

Bowman spoke again during the meeting about a solicitation ordinance, which will require vendors to be licensed through the police department. Some organizations, such as candidates or political groups, may be exempt from a fee, but not those from private sectors.

Bowman also covered an ordinance that will address concerns of overcrowding in R-1 areas.

“I did some research looked through some HUD regulations, and as we now know, the families a lot of us grew up with aren’t (existing) anymore. There’s very different definitions of families now,” Bowman said. “So this ordinance reflects that societal change, while at the same time allowing the village to investigate complaints of overcrowding. This allows us to have the criteria to perform an investigation fairly and openly, and then take whatever action would need to be taken via the ordinance to stop that situation if it was found to be in violation.”

He added that the Planning Commission recommended passage of the ordinance, which was read through for the first time at the meeting.

Doug Ossman, from Harrison Community Hospital, asked council whether the hospital would be able to buy paving material to fix potholes around the property. He said the village had sold them materials in the past, but Solicitor Costa Mastros questioned whether council may have been wrong to do so. Mastros agreed to look into the inquiry.

Council member Paul Coffland reported that the Park Board meeting was successful, with 60 to 70 people attending. Concerns were addressed and Coffland predicts more positive meetings in the future. He also reminded everyone that donations are being sought to restore the log schoolhouse which is located in front of Wallace Lodge at Sally Buffalo Park.

Council awarded a bid from Border Patrol for $499,641.50 to begin work on the waterline project on Old Steubenville Pike. Border Patrol beat out bids from MJ Excavating and James White Construction. Council also voted to authorize Mayor Ken Zitko to sign a water supply revolving loan account agreement with Ohio EPA DEFA for the project.

Council approved a Tag Day for Cadiz girls’ softball on Saturday, May 3 from 9 a.m. to noon.

The next meeting will be April 17 at 7 p.m.

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