JB Green to end curbside recycling

MARTINS FERRY – The JB Green Team will end the Curbside Recycling Project that was installed in the First Ward section of the city and in a section of Steubenville.

The project was set to run for a year in each city, but due to the lack of funding and participation of residents, the project, which began in October, will stop at the end of April. The overall goal of this project was to break even.

The city garage in Martins Ferry will still have the containers that residents can use.

When the project was first launched in Ferry, 750 letters were sent out to the First Ward residents, and it was projected that 400 recycling bins would be ordered. Due to the response, only 200 bins were ordered.

According to Martins Ferry Mayor Paul Riethmiller, when the project was first launched, 180 bins were picked up and in the last pick up, only 88 bins were picked up. The plan was to track the usage of these bins to measure the success of the project.

“I am very disappointed to see the program come to an end, however I do understand that the JB Green Team Funding has been cut drastically and that is the reason the program is ending,” Riethmiller said. “Again, I am very disappointed that of the 200 people that joined the program that on average, more than half of those people aren’t even participating in the program.”

According JB Green Team Executive Director Cliff Meyer, it has lost 64 percent of its funding by no longer taking out-of-state waste.

“The trial participation was not what we hoped. We are disappointed because we had high hopes for this project,” said Meyer. “We had great participation and enthusiasm from both city mayors. They were very supportive of the project and were instrumental for getting it off the ground.”