Martins Ferry school voting deal finalized

ST. CLAIRSVILLE — Voters in Martins Ferry will be traveling a much shorter distance come November’s general election.

It was announced at Monday’s Belmont County Board of Elections meeting that Martins Ferry School District officials have agreed to make its elementary school available for voting purposes.

This past November, Martins Ferry voters were forced to cast their ballots in Colerain, as no workable polling site was available in the Purple City. It was a move not well received.

That will all change after the May 6 primary.

Starting with the November election, Ferrians will cast ballots at Ayers Elementary School, located at the Martins Ferry School Campus. It meets the myriad of requirements needed to be approved as a polling site while also offering ample parking.

To make the voting process proceed even smoother at Ayers, a school inservice will be conducted that day.

“We would like to thank Superintendent (Dirk) Fitch and the Martins Ferry Board of Education for taking the initiative to help voters in their community,” said Election Board Director Bill Shubat. “The elementary school provides voters with an ideal polling site.”

IN OTHER action at Monday’s meeting, it was noted that plans are proceeding well for the May 6 primary.

Polling schools are already underway. The board would like to have a few more poll workers. This election will feature 70 precincts, necessitating 280 poll workers. Anyone interested should call election board offices at 1-740-526-0188.

The painting has been completed on precinct lines.

Board officials note that early voting has been going unusually slow. At last count, just slightly more than 1,600 early votes have been cast, making ballot scanning very easy.

The board also approved vouchers for the month.

The election board will hold official certification and regular meeting on Tuesday, May 20 at 4 p.m.

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